“These are possibly the most disturbing hostage videos yet to come out of the whole Middle East crisis – even worse than those beheading videos,” says Middle East expert Mohammed Al Cack, with regard to number of videos featuring Islamic State members which have recently been uploaded to various video-sharing and social media sites online. “Truly, I was shocked at just how degrading to the victims and their families they were! They are clearly the work of depraved maniacs!” Each of the five videos so far uploaded appear to show a captured ISIS fighter, clad in pink, bent over a barrel, chair or table by a mysterious figure wearing a black hangman’s mask and no trousers, only a pair of leather chaps instead. The ISIS men all speak directly to the camera, apparently reading from an off-screen script, saying ‘I like to take it up the butt’, before the masked figure pulls down their trousers and proceeds to bugger them senseless. Disturbingly, the victims all laugh hysterically throughout their ordeals. When he finishes his diabolical work, the masked figure turns to the camera and announces that he has ‘sexecuted’ another ISIS terrorist and promises that every time a western hostage is executed by Islamic State, he will respond with another ‘sexecution’. “I shudder to think what his response will be to the latest ISIS atrocity where they execute half a dozen Coptic Christians at once,” muses security expert Zeb Gimpley. “Surely even he can’t have the stamina to roger six blokes up the jacksie in one session?”

Western commentators initially suspected that the man dubbed ‘The Sexecutioner’ by the media, had executed his victims off screen after having ‘sexecuted’ them. However, it has subsequently emerged that all of the victims had been released, back behind ISIS lines. “It would have been kinder if he had killed them – although not by buggery,” says Al Cack. “Sending them back to the Jihadists, after they had been seen receiving anal sex and apparently enjoying it, was as good as executing them – they were condemned as sodomites and stoned to death by their former comrades!” By contrast, Gimpley sees ‘The Sexecutioner’s’ actions as an act of genius. “Surely this is the best way to counter the terrorists – rather than matching one act of barbarism with another by actually executing his prisoners, humiliating them in this way is far more effective,” he enthuses. “Making them look as if they are actually enjoying being buggered is the icing on the cake – I’m guessing that he forces them to inhale nitrous oxide before starting the camera in order to both sedate them and produce the laughing reflex. By releasing them back into their own communities he is simply forcing them to be subjected to their own version of ‘justice’.”

Questions have been raised in the press about the veracity of the videos, with some commentators suggesting that they might have been faked. “Exactly where were they filmed? They all take place against the same desert back drop, which could just be green-screened in a studio – the lighting also suggests a studio shoot,” claims noted conspiracy theorist Kevin Spline, who also rejects Gimpley’s nitrous oxide theory. “The supposed victims are obviously in collusion with this so called ‘Sexecutioner’ to produce what amounts to gay propaganda, presenting these perverts as some kind of saviours of the western world. These stories about them being captured ISIS fighters and that they were subsequently killed by their own people is all apocryphal. I mean, where would he have been able to get his hands on actual ISIS prisoners?” Indeed, the identity of ‘The Sexecutioner’s’ victims have led to suggestions that, rather than being a lone crime fighter, he is actually employed by the government of one of the Middle Eastern states currently attempting to resist ISIS’ advances. “There’s been a lot of speculation that he was hired by the Jordanians after ISIS burned that captured Jordanian pilot to death,” says Gimpley. “They had a number of captured Jihadist suicide bombers and terrorists in custody. Obviously, they couldn’t have a Jordanian being seen to bugger people senseless – they’re still not very liberal on that front – so they had to bring in a westerner. When he speaks on the videos it is pretty obvious that he’s an American.”

Al Cack rejects out of hand the idea that the government of any Muslim country would employ a western pervert to have anal sex with Muslim men, even if those men were terrorists. “It is an outrageous suggestion!” he declares. “Never could any true Muslim condone such unnatural acts! Homosexuality and its corrupting influence is as great an evil as terrorism!” The actions of ‘The Sexecutioner’ have also proven problematic to some in the west, with many who would otherwise applaud his actions in punishing terrorists, having deep reservations over his apparent sexual preferences. “I’m all for someone sticking it up those Jihadist’s asses – I’d just rather it wasn’t their penis,” observes retired US Army General and Republican Congressman Hank Wanger. “I’m just worried that this fella’s actions, no matter how well intentioned they are, could encourage other young, non-homosexual, American men to follow his example and start going around stickin’ their dicks in all sortsa places God never intended ’em to go.” Fox News presenter Ross Pecker – whose employer declined to screen any of the videos on the grounds of public decency, instead having Pecker describe them to viewers in detail – has attempted to defuse this debate. “Just because ‘The Sexecutioner’ is seen performing an act usually associated with homosexuals, it doesn’t mean that he’s a homosexual himself,” he told Fox viewers in a recent broadcast. “He isn’t doing this for his own sexual gratification after all – the only pleasure he’s getting from all this sodomy is that of knowing he’s contributing to the ‘War on Terror’ by his actions. Indeed, we should be applauding him as he’s clearly making a huge sacrifice in the name of defending democracy – just imagine how repugnant all that sodomy must be to a true red blooded American heterosexual.”

In a final bizarre twist, it has emerged that ‘The Sexecutioner’ isn’t an original creation, a character of the same name having appeared in an obscure men’s adventure paperback – Enter the Sexecutioner – in 1973. Written by prolific pulp author Marvin Jinksler under the house name of ‘Grant Hardpole’, the book featured a crimefighter who, wearing a hangman’s mask and no trousers, just a pair of leather chaps instead, travelled the world buggering various criminals into submission. “It was supposed to be part of a long running series – like ‘The Destroyer’ or ‘The Executioner’, which were hugely popular – but with a more ‘adult’ twist,” explains the now seventy six year old author of over two hundred pulp paperbacks under various pseudonyms. “Porn was becoming mainstream back then, thanks to movies like Deep Throat, so the publishers thought they could cash in with a more adult-orientated men’s adventure series.” Sadly, the novel – which establishes the origin of ‘The Sexcutioner’ (his sister was forced into prostitution and gang raped by gangsters, so he responds by hunting down and raping them in revenge) – didn’t sell well. “It was a pity, I had plans for him to travel the world buggering and humiliating the Mafia, neo-Nazis, Commies and the like, but readers apparently felt it all seemed a bit gay,” says Jinksler. “Back then they’d rather their heroes maimed, tortured and killed the enemies of freedom, rather than just humiliating them through buggery. But it seems that, after all these years, I’ve finally inspired someone to go and fight evil from behind with that book – I’m glad my work wasn’t wasted!”