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Too Good for the Poor

Is poverty too good for the poor? Extraordinary claims of well off City-types who engage in poverty role play. Buying up slums to revel in supposedly stress free, irresponsible lives of the poor, in order to relieve the ennui of their privileged lives.

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Throw a Brick at the Homeless

Is Right Wing News Site’s Xmas Appeal Encouraging Followers to Throw Bricks at Homeless? Editor Claims he’s Merely Trying to Provide Rough Sleepers with Means to Build Own Homes.

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Give Us Our Daily Bread

Church of England’s New Pay Day Loan Service – Your Daily Bread – Under Scrutiny After Debtors Invoke Wrath of God After Missing Single Payment. Defaulters’ Houses Struck By Lightning, First Born Slain as Lender ‘Gets Biblical’.

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Money to Burn

Bankers sets himself on fire in dispute over bonus! Has public backlash in face of rate-fixing scandal pushed Britain’s bankers to the edge?

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All Greek To Me

Allegations of German Plot as Bailiffs Descend on Greece as Part of New EU Bail Out! Citizens Have Personal Possessions Seized to Pay Off Foreign Creditors Amidst Claims of National Asset-Stripping!

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Nationalised Treasures

Government to Nationalise Amy Winehouse in Attempt to Save Britian’s Alcoholic Beverages Industry! Move Essential in Order to Encourage Young Binge Drinkers Claims Chancellor!

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Banking on Fear

Sarah Palin Denies Inciting Christian Fundamentalists to Attack Wall Street Bankers! Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Claims She Never Accused Bankers of Being Either Child Murdering Priests of Mammon,or Vampires!

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