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Total Bollocks Strikes Back

“It is completely untrue that we ever planned a story accusing Robert Robinson, Frank Muir and Patrick Campbell of behind the scenes sex romps with minors whilst recording Call My Bluff in the early seventies”. More completely unfounded celebrity gossip.

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I Shagged a Celebrity

Our readers’ incredible stories of celebrity sex encounters! Did Rod Hull and Emu engage in a kinky three-in-a-bed romp? Did a young hippie really ‘duke the Duke’ in 1973?

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Son of Bollocks

A former News of the World executive has angrily denied that the now defunct paper attempted to set up the kidnapping of former Spice Girl Haliwell. “Such an allegation is utterly insane,” says a spokesman for publisher News International. “Who in their right mind would pay money to get her back?”

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