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Look Black in Anger

Outrage as Academy Awards address diversity issue by having DiCaprio accept Best Actor Oscar in black face. act of ‘solidarity’ condemned as offensive and ill judged stunt.

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Hollywood Radicals

Hollywood Stars Declare War on ISIS in Retaliation for Terrorists Continued Failure to Acknowledge their Cultural Significance by Not Attacking Los Angeles. Claim latest Attacks in Paris Have Caused Extreme Trauma to their Egos.

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Hollywood Ghost Buster

Meet the Man Who Exorcised a Top TV Star’s Private Parts, Battled Flesh Eating Celebrity Zombies and Staked Undead Entertainers! Hollywood’s Top Ghost Buster Speaks Exclusively to The Sleaze!

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Hollywood Sex Pests

Silent Star Mimes Sexual Assault of Starlets! Famed Director Shoots Private Footage – and Own Load! Hollywood’s Top Sex Pests Revealed as New Book Exposes Sordid Secrets of the Casting Couch!

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Hollywood Satanists

Tinsel Town Diabolism Revealed as Sammy Davis Jr Inducts Elvis into Church of Satan! Sitcom Star Battles Beelzebub for Immortal Soul of Child Actor!

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Hollywood Pervos

Bob Mitchum gets fruity at the grocery store! Liberace in bizarre love triangle with Fred Flintstone! Hollywood’s weirdest perversions revealed!

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Hollywood Homos

Silent stars set up gay masturbation cult! John Wayne and Clark Gable come out of closet for amazing spanking antics! Gay secret’s of Hollywood’s Golden Age revealed!

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