Renegade Secret Service agent Charles Lewis – who has just returned from a Swiss sex-change clinic and now prefers to be called Charlene – has told The Sleaze the sensational story of his sacking by intelligence chiefs. Lewis claims that his 1998 dismissal was a clear case of discrimination against a minority – transsexuals. “They claimed that I was unstable and presented a high security risk”, the delectable Charlene told us, flicking her shoulder-length dark locks away from her eyes, before continuing. “The irony is that it was only thanks to them that I discovered my true sexuality!” Charlene, wearing a fetching off-the-shoulder number, claimed that one of his earliest assignments for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) was an attempt to seduce an East German cipher clerk in Berlin in 1989. “Although I was not gay, I was chosen for the mission because I was his type”, Lewis told us. “As homosexuality was a dismissable offence in the intelligence services at the time, they had no choice but to use a straight officer.”

For six months Lewis posed as the East German’s gay lover, until the SIS had sufficient photographic evidence with which to blackmail him into working for them. “For the purposes of authenticity it had to be a full sexual relationship”, stunning Charlene, 36-28-36, informed us. “Anything less and he would have suspected. I can’t say that I liked it, but it was for the defence of the realm!” So successful was Lewis at playing an effeminate homosexual, that for his next assignment he was required to dress as a woman! “There was a Cuban Defence Attaché in Lisbon who was known to have a weakness for slightly built English blondes”, pouted Charlene. “The senior levels of the SIS in those days were all drawn from public schools and had little experience of women. Consequently they felt they could not trust a female agent (even if we’d had any), so I was sent in instead.” Lewis grew his hair to shoulder length and dyed it blonde in preparation for the mission. He was also equipped with a hi-tech set of false breasts with transmitting and receiving equipment built into them. “As a final touch I concealed my penis by tying a length of twine to it and then pulling the string under my groin and securing it around my waist – a bit like a G-string”.

The Cuban quickly fell for Lewis’ charms and before long he found himself alone in a sleazy hotel room with the swarthy communist. “He was very passionate”, sultry Charlene recalls. “His hands were everywhere. There was a nasty moment when I thought he would inadvertently switch off my broadcasting equipment as he played with my left nipple”. Little did the Cuban know, but his performance with Lewis was being filmed by the SIS with a view to blackmail. “Just as his passion was about to become too much for his trousers, I slipped off my panties and cut the string holding my penis back”, raven-haired Charlene explained. “You should have seen his expression as it sprang up! It was like the Crying Game!” However, the shock proved too much for the Cuban, who proceeded to have a fatal heart attack. “The look on his face was horrible”, says buxom Charlene. “But he did have the biggest hard-on I’ve ever seen. Personally, I think he was secretly turned on by it, and it was the shock of that realisation which killed him!”

An embarrassing incident had now to be avoided, and the Cuban’s body was quickly spirited away to a local brothel where, for a modest fee, it was arranged to look as if he had expired during a session in the Havana room. Although the mission turned into something of a debacle, Lewis claims that it proved a life-changing experience for him. “It was then that I realised how comfortable I felt as a woman. I began to suspect that I had been born the wrong gender!” SIS chiefs decided that it would probably be best if Lewis lay low for awhile after the Lisbon fiasco. Consequently, he was loaned out to the Security Service for counter-espionage duties. Before long he found himself assigned to infiltrate the London gay and lesbian scene. “It was a time when the authorities were worried that gays and lesbians were the new enemy within”, the shapely Charlene recalled. “Thatcher had vanquished the Unions and the communists were on the retreat. It was feared that the gay community could subvert British society by corrupting impressionable young people with their dangerous alternative lifestyles”. At first Lewis revived his male gay persona from Berlin for his new assignment. “Although I now felt comfortable admitting that I was attracted to men, I still did not feel comfortable being attracted to them as a man myself”.

Lewis subsequently changed tack, adopting the disguise of a shaven-headed flat-chested lesbian. “This was far more satisfying, but it still was not right, I knew that I had to be a complete woman!” Intelligence chiefs, however, were becoming alarmed by Lewis’ tendencies and pulled him out of undercover work and assigned him to a staff job at the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS). “They hoped that a more military environment would make a man of me – but they were wrong! I just couldn’t help feeling attracted to all those butch soldiers and sailors!” After returning to the SIS Lewis announced his intention to undergo a sex change. He was immediately dismissed. “It was disgraceful”, Charlene fumed, her deep brown eyes flashing. “Its not as if I’m a traitor, I sincerely wanted to continue serving my country, but as a woman!”

However, a spokesman for the SIS has poured scorn on Lewis’ claims, stating that he was dismissed following an incident in Soho’s popular “Throbbing Cock” nightclub. He was arrested following a fight with two Albanian sailors. Lewis had been performing a Marlene Dietrich retrospective at the club and was taken to Charing Cross Police station wearing a tight-fitting red evening gown and stiletto heels. According to sources inside the SIS, this was the final straw for management, following a series of earlier frock-wearing incidents. Lewis – who they claim was never a field agent but rather a registry clerk – became notorious for holding lunchtime lingerie parties in the European Economic Section mail room. These were halted after C (the head of the SIS) unexpectedly in to find Lewis clad in a Janet Reger silk half-slip and fishnet stockings. In another incident, Lewis was found in a stationary cupboard with the Deputy Director (Operations), mutually masturbating over the women’s underwear section of the Great Universal Stores mail-order catalogue. “Mr Lewis is a very sick man and should seek help”, an official spokesman told us.