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Daily Nudes No More?

British Tabloid Axes Topless Page Three Girls in Face of Competition From Free Online Porn. Admits There Are Insufficient Numbers of Technologically Illiterate Perverts to Justify Continuation of Fixture.

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Spy News

Fears of ‘end of privacy’ as News International launches spy satellite to gather tabloid sex and scandal stories. Orbital surveillance systems provide media empire with more extensive coverage of celebrities’ private lives that phone hacking.

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The Great British News Scandal

Was News of the World Behind 9/11 Attacks? More Astonishing Revelations About Conduct of Doomed Tabloid as Ex-Employee Claims Newspaper ‘Groomed’ Serial KIller For Exclusive Headlines!

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True Confessions

Ecclesiastical Outrage Amid Claims That News of The World Tapped Mobile Phones of Top Bishops! ROgue Reporter Makes Amazing Claims of Leading Clergy Overheard Admitting Religion a Sham and Other Shocking Clerical Behaviour!

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News of the Screws

Is Prime Minister David Cameron Being Blackmailed by Media Magnate Rupert Murdoch? Rogue Journalist’s Extraordinary Claims of Systematic Blackmail of Top Public Figures Denied by News Corp!

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