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Satire with mutton chop whiskers. An emporium of vintage wit for discerning gentlefolk.


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Perplexing indeed – literally infantile humour.


A Screaming (or is that Steaming?) Heap of Ordure!


“Ban the Mind Reader – it has caused a number of explosions.”




Self-Proclaimed No. 1 Top Adult Humour Destination!



overadulthood “Ripped From the Headlines, Mocked For Your Entertainment.”


admirari88  The Nil Admirari – America’s Most Swell News Source!


“Where annoying facts don’t get in the way of a good story”


“The Folly of Too Many.”  Tech Humour and Satire.


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Your Satire News Source


A listing of the web’s finest satire publications (and a few bollocks ones too, still somebody, somewhere is  probably saying that about The Sleaze…)


A pretty comprehensive humour directory (the first to list The Sleaze, interestingly).


Another Good Humour Directory.



As above, but ruder.



Funny Horoscopes, Political Satire and Funny Stories.


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Fighting Ignorance Since 1973.



The pretty fucked up website offering pretty fucked up answers…


T-shirts, funny T-shirts, funny T-shirts with slogans…