The Sleaze is a UK based satire and humour site. Founded as a web site in 2000, The Sleaze had a brief previous existence as a print publication (circulation: ten) in the late 1990s, before being closed down by the authorities. Costing its then editor his job and his sanity, The Sleaze vanished for a couple of years before being resurrected under the elusive Doc Sleaze as a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

There are a lot of other satire sites out there, with more appearing every day, (and often vanishing just as quickly).  Many of them make extravagant claims to be ‘Britain’s best satire site’, or ‘Britain’s fastest growing satire site’ and provide the reader with all sorts of dubious claims about their traffic.  We make no such claims.  We certainly aren’t the most popular, (in terms of traffic, anyway), the biggest, the most influential or the fastest growing.  But we are different from those other sites in more significant ways.  Put simply, we’re the less acceptable side of satire. We don’t serve up vaguely topical whimsy disguised as satire.  We don’t trade in ‘amusing’ pictures of blokes with their knobs stuck in letter boxes.  We most certainly don’t serve up reactionary tosh pretending to be radical satirical comment, (“Oh look, they’ve said something rude about the Daily Mail and Jeremy Clarkson!  They must be really radical and anti-establishment!”).

Instead, The Sleaze offers an uncompromising, off beat and savage view of our world.  We don’t believe in pulling punches.  We don’t believe in avoiding reader offence.  Indeed, if someone out there isn’t offended by what we publish, then we feel we’re doing something wrong.  We believe that satire should be about redressing the balance between the powerful and the powerless.  We believe that no subject should be taboo.

So, if you are looking for some of that cosy ‘satire’ which simply reinforces your existing prejudices and does nothing to challenge the popular consensus, (as defined by the establishment), then you are in the wrong place.  Go read Newsbiscuit, The Daily Trash, sorry, Mash, News Thump or The Poke, instead.  You’ll feel more at home at any of those sites.  Not to mention less challenged.  But if you want to risk being offended, or having your cherished preconceptions challenged, then stick with us.

Remember, The Sleaze likes to think of itself as an ‘underground’ site – we fly below the radar of mainstream media and we don’t advertise.  Our readers have to find us.  So, word of mouth recommendations are important to us – if you enjoy The Sleaze then spread the word.  But only to the right sort of people, of course.

We don’t accept unsolicited contributions – all material on the site is commissioned.  Please note that we cannot (for legal purposes) read unsolicited contributions and will not respond to them.

The Sleaze contains material some readers may offensive and is intended only for adults. Where real personalities are mentioned it for entirely satirical purposes. All other characters mentioned in The Sleaze are completely fictional and any resemblance ro real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The written contents and logo of the site are subject to copyright and unauthorised reproduction is forbidden. None of this publication’s contents are covered by ‘Creative Commons’ and permission must be sought before reproduction.  We claim no copyright, however, over any of the images used to illustrate our stories.

The Sleaze editorial staff can be contacted at ‘editor at’ (just replace the ‘at’ with @).

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