The blaze which destroyed Manchester’s world famous ‘House of Wax’ health and beauty salon last week seems also to have brought to a close the bizarre reign of terror of the mysterious attacker known as the ‘Wax Stalker’, who had terrorised the city’s streets for the past three months. The first victim, twenty year old part-time model and ‘Sainsbury’s’ sales assistant Cathy Gray, was struck down only days after the salon’s grand opening. “I’d just come out of a nightclub and was walking to the taxi rank by the bus station, when I realised I was being followed by this sinister figure – he was wearing a wide-brimmed hat which covered his face, and a long dark overcoat. I tried to run from him, but before I knew it he’d caught me up and pressed this chloroform-soaked rag over my face! Everything suddenly went black,” recalls a sobbing Gray, who has refused to leave her bedroom since the her horrendous ordeal. “When I came to, I found myself in some kind of underground torture chamber, strapped naked to a table! Suddenly the stalker loomed over me, cackling maniacally and fingering my pubic hair, before applying a huge heated wax strip to them and ripping them out completely! It was agony – I passed out with the pain!”

However, the stalker wasn’t to be satisfied with taking just the young part-time model’s pubes; when she came round, she found him in the process of pouring wax all over her long auburn hair. “I pleaded with him to stop, but he just cackled maniacally again, before winding a large towel on top of the wax! I passed out again when he pulled it off,” the traumatised Miss Grey – wearing a bandanna to cover her baldness – told The Sleaze. “When I woke up again, it was daylight, and I was lying stark naked and hairless in the middle of the Arndale shopping centre, being gawped and laughed at by passers-by! It was the most humiliating experience of my life!” Not only has the stalker’s attack destroyed Miss Gray’s self esteem and turned her into a recluse, but it has also undermined her chances of getting further modelling work. “Nobody wants some slap head posing for them! Before I was appearing on all the top amateur photography websites – now the only offers I get are from alapechia porn sites,” she wails. “Because it was waxed, my head is now so smooth and shiny even wigs keep slipping off!”

The day after the attack on Cathy Gray, both employees and patrons of the ‘House of Wax’ had cause to compliment its proprietor, Ivan Igor, on the natty, carefully trimmed, goatee beard he was sporting, and his beautifully styled long auburn hair. “He always seemed to be experimenting with new styles and colours, not to mention innovative facial hair patterns,” recalls male escort Sid Wallis, who was in the salon that morning having his bottom waxed. “In my line of business, I find that there’s nothing like a hairy arse to put the ladies off! Ivan saw to me himself that day – his waxing was so delicate, such an artist! I remember him complimenting me on my luxurious chest hair and neatly trimmed pubes!” That evening Wallis became the stalker’s second victim – coshed over the head and bundled into the boot of a car as he saw his evening’s escort home. He too was waxed. “He didn’t just wax my genitals, he poured hot wax over the whole lot,” says Wallis. “He seemed to be taking a cast of my cock and balls!” A few days later beauty technician Leon Averill encountered his boss, Igor, in the salon’s sauna. “He was stark naked, and I couldn’t help noticing his magnificent chest hair – it was like a thick rug,” muses Averill. “His lush pubes and large penis were also in clear view, despite the clouds of steam shrouding him. He seemed very proud of it all, and anxious to have it seen!” A couple of weeks later came the incident which was to alert police to a possible link between Igor and the ‘Wax Stalker’. “I was in the tanning parlour, when I heard this huge commotion out front, I rushed into reception to find this young man attacking Ivan and trying to pull his beard off,” says Averill. “He was shouting something about how he’d recognise his girl friend’s ‘fancy work’ anywhere! He was completely out of control – we had to call the police!”

The young man turned out to be Scott Andrews, Cathy Gray’s boyfriend, who had entered the ‘House of Wax’ in search of an artificial tan. “As soon as I walked in there, I recognised Cathy’s ‘snatch thatch’ adorning that sick bastard’s face! At first I didn’t know whether to hit him or stick my tongue down his throat,” explains Andrews. “I just saw red; I wanted revenge on the bastard who’d waxed Cathy. He’s put me through hell – she’s so shiny I keep slipping off when I’m making love to her and she looks so hideous bald I have to make her wear a bag over her head! Doesn’t he realise how much he’s humiliated her?” Although Andrews was arrested and charged with assault, the first seeds of doubt about Igor had been sown. “After the arrest I remembered that the Gray girl had come in here for a bikini wax,” says Averill. “Ivan insisted on attending to her personally!” Two days after the attack Igor’s goatee and long hair disappeared. “He came in with this little moustache, almost a Hitler ‘tache, and permed blonde hair,” Averill recalls. “Funnily enough, only the day before he’d given a wax to this curly haired girl with a Brazilian!”

“Our suspicions were aroused when exhaustive investigative work revealed that the only common factor linking the victims was that all of them had been customers at the ‘House of Wax’ and had been attended to personally by Ivan Igor,” explains Detective Inspector Brennan, who headed the ‘Wax Stalker’ investigation. “Every time a new victim was waxed, Igor changed his appearance – we began to suspect that the two events might be linked.” Consequently, undercover policewoman Sue Allen was sent into the ‘House of Wax’ as a customer. Sure enough, within twenty four hours of having her legs waxed by Igor, Allen was abducted by the stalker! “By means of the tracking device concealed in her underwire brassiere, I was able to locate the fiend’s subterranean lair,” Brennan told The Sleaze. “Sure enough, it was concealed beneath the cellars of the ‘House of Wax’!” The Inspector arrived to find the stalker about to give the naked Allen a full body waxing. “It was clearly Ivan Igor – he was stark naked himself! I could see that virtually every part of his body was covered in hair,” says the still shocked detective. “Just as he was about to pour this huge vat of boiling wax over WPC Allen, I lunged at him! To my horror, I found handfuls of his body hair coming away in my hands as I grappled with him!”

In the conflagration which followed, the vat of wax was spilled, starting the fire which was to consume the ‘House of Wax’. Luckily, Brennan was able to free Allen and escape the inferno . “As I carried her out, I saw Igor’s hair begin to go up in flames,” Brennan says. “As I watched, his penis began literally to wilt in the heat – as it slid down his leg I realised that it was made of wax!” Subsequent investigations revealed Igor’s true identity. “It seems that he was really the famed beautician Professor Vincent Jarrod, who had been missing, presumed dead, since a tragic waxing accident two years ago,” relates Brennan. “Tired of having his unfashionably hairy body laughed at in saunas and on the beach, he resorted to a radical full-body waxing treatment. Left horribly scarred and unable to grow back his own hair, the crazed Jarrod took his revenge by giving the beautiful people he encountered what they apparently craved – total hairlesness! Stealing their hair to replace his own was his ultimate vengeance!”