Who or what are behind Radio Midnight, the mysterious phone in radio station which has allegedly been terrorising unsuspecting Britons in dead of night? Up and down the country there have been reports of phones ringing during the witching hour, with anyone answering them finding themselves confronted by the so called ‘Night Caller’, who claims to be from Radio Midnight. The deep voiced mystery man then proceeds to probe them on the most intimate aspects of their lives, claiming that the conversation is being broadcast to the nation on Radio Midnight. Toby Zitman, a forty three year old Birmingham resident, was one such victim, unsuspectingly answering a ringing phone at a friend’s house one night. “I’d been on a night out with them and was staying over at their house,” he told The Sleaze. “I wouldn’t ordinarily answer someone else’s phone, but he was in the bathroom and I knew his mother was ill, so I thought it might be the hospital.” But it it wasn’t the hospital and Zitman instead found himself confronted by the ‘Night Caller’. “It was really creepy, it was as if he knew I was going to be there,” he recalls of the encounter. “Plus, he seemed to know everything about me. It was really weird.”

Luckily, the entire conversation was recorded. “I didn’t realise at the time that my mate had been having trouble with nuisance calls,” explains Zitman. “So he was recording every conversation on the land line.” Zitman’s friend has provided The Sleaze with a copy of the tape, a transcript of which is provided below:

Toby Zitman: Hello?

Night Caller: Toby Zitman?

TZ: Yes?

NC: This is the Night Caller. I’m calling to talk to you about immigration.

TZ: I’m sorry, who are you?

NC: The Night Caller, from Radio Midnight. You were talking about immigration earlier and I’m calling to tell you my opinion.

TZ: Look, I don’t know who this is – do you know what time it is? How did you get this number?

NC: Immigration. That’s what you were discussing earlier.

TZ: How do you know what I’ve been talking – I haven’t said anything about immigration. Anyway, how did you know I’d be here? This isn’t my house.

NC: Yes you did. You know, earlier this evening. In the pub. You were discussing how all these East Europeans were coming over here, using our health services, claiming our benefits, having se with our women. Expecting something for nothing, the lot of them. You challenged someone to say it was different. Well, I’m phoning in to give you my opinion on the subject.

TZ: Why would I want to hear the opinion of some weirdo phoning me up in the middle of the night? Who are you?

NC: The other customers in the pub didn’t want to hear your opinions, but they were forced to anyway. The fact is that these East Europeans are all paying tax here while they work – they’re entitled to health care to the value of their contributions. Also, their governments reimburse us for any benefits the cla-

TZ: Is this some kind of wind up? Are you saying you are from some kind of radio phone in? Look, I haven’t called your bloody station…

NC: That’s right. We’ve called you. That’s the point. We’re Radio Midnight – you don’t listen to us, we listen to you and then call in to you.

TZ: What!? What are you bloody talking about? How are you listening to us? Is this going out on air?
NC: Well, we’re listening.

TZ: What’s that supposed to mean? Look, this is ridiculous! I’ve had enough! I don’t want to discuss my opinions on immigration with you, or any other freak!

NC: You were happy to discuss it in the pub.

TZ: That was different! I’ve told you, I don’t want to discuss this.

NC: But you are still on the line…

TZ: You called me!

At this point, Zitman terminated the call. “I just didn’t know what to make of it all,” he says. “My initial feeling was that he was some kind of crazy stalker, who’d been listening in on my conversation in the pub. But how did he know my friend’s number?” A perplexed Zitman even went so far as to check out the radio schedules in the Radio Times to see if there was a Radio Midnight listed there. “Obviously, there wasn’t,” he said. “We did think that it might be some sort of pirate station, so we tried going up and down the wavelengths on my mate’s old analogue radio. We even tried retuning his digital radio to see if it turned up there!” Thinking tat it was probably a one off incident, Zitman tried to put the ‘Night Caller’ out of his mind. Until, that is, other reports of the mystery caller began to emerge.

According to these reports, the pattern was always similar, with the victims being called, always on a land line, without warning, in dead of night. In one well publicised case, the ‘Night Caller’ even managed to locate his victim while they were in somebody else’s house. This time the recipient of the call was thirty eight year old Salford resident John Pimpleroy (not his real name). “It just came out of the blue and was incredibly disturbing,” he told The Sleaze. “It was so intrusive – I actually felt violated. I’ve changed all my phone numbers since and now have all my calls screened. The whole thing upset me so much that I rarely leave the house any more.” This time, however, friends of Pimpleroy were able to locate Radio Midnight. “It turned out to be some kind of underground internet radio station, broadcasting on the so called ‘Dark Web’,” he explains. “It just plays out these conversations with people they’ve caught unawares on the phone – it is all pretty disturbing!” Incredibly, one of the conversations played out while he listened was his own, which Pimpleroy managed to record. The transcript is below:

Night Caller: This is the Night Caller, from Radio Midnight. I want to talk to you about women.

John Pimpleroy: I’m sorry, who are you, how did you get this number?

NC: I’m the Night Caller, from Radio Midnight – you don’t call us, we all you. I’m interested in what you think about women.

JP: I think you’ve got the wrong number, in fact, this isn’t even my house.

NC: You are John Pimpleroy?

JP: Well yes, but –

NC: Give them a slap, throw them on the bed and tell them to shut up, they have to know their place – wasn’t that what you said?

JP: What? When did I –

NC: Earlier today, in the office. When there were no women listening. But they are listening now.

JP: Now that’s enough! This has gone too far, I’m hanging up…

NC: Give ‘em one up the jacksie – they love it. You said that as well, didn’t you?

JP: This is outrageous! I’ll ask you again – who are you? How did you know where to reach me as I’m not at home?

NC: We know you aren’t at home. Do you think your wife would agree with your opinions about women?

JP: What? What’s she got to do with…

NC: Doesn’t she like anal? Is that why you aren’t at home tonight? Where does she think you are?

JP: Look, this is none of your bloody business, whoever you are!

NC: We’ve got her on the line right now. Perhaps you’d like to speak to her…

JP: Jesus Christ [Hangs up]

The question remains as to who is behind Radio Midnight, how do they get their information and what re they trying to achieve? “It’s clear to me that they are some kind of left-wing feminist, bleeding heart liberal subversives,” opines right wing shock jock Dick Whitehead. “Just look at the way they seem to be targeting ordinary decent people exercising their right to voice opinions considered ‘politically incorrect’ by the metropolitan liberal elites. This is their way of holding them up to ridicule and trying to demonise them. We can only be thankful that only a handful of people ever listen to their dross.” Whatever the truth behind Radio Midnight and the ‘Night Caller’, they continue to broadcast. Nobody can rest easy knowing that they could get the mysterious midnight call. Could you be next?