Drink, drugs and performing oral sex on the flaccid members of drug addled rock stars – all in a days work for the average pop groupie, according to top rock camp-follower ‘Second Hand’ Sue Jamette. The veteran groupie, who enjoyed a decade of notoriety in the pop and rock community as a leading hanger on during the 1970s and 1980s, has exclusively revealed many of the sordid secrets of her exploits with the stars. “I’ve had them all – Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Gary Glitter, David Bowie, the whole lot,” she boasts. “They were all kinky bastards. Take Jagger, for instance, he used to like to dress up in my underwear – while it was still warm – and prance around the bedroom, pouting and singing!” Jamette recalls one occasion in 1975 when, following a Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas, a drunken Jagger danced around a hotel bedroom in her black lace bra and panties (complete with suspender belt and fishnet stockings) singing “I can’t get no satisfaction”. “As he jumped off the bed he let rip what I thought was a huge fart – in fact he’d shit himself, in my knickers!” she giggles. “It was disgusting, running down the backs of his legs – it ruined my stockings! He looked at what he’d done and promptly vomited down his chest, filling both cups of my bra, before collapsing and writhing around in his own filth, moaning. The smell was unbearable, I had to leave!”

Jamette later recovered the horribly soiled underpants from Jagger, and currently has them mounted, behind glass, on her living room wall, as a momento of her wilder days. Another rocker who had trouble with sphincter control was the late Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury. “Freddie was told that snorting cocaine could damage his nose and vocal chords, so instead of taking it nasally, he used to get groupies to blow it up his arse, through a straw,” Jamette recalls. “It was amazing, it got to the stage where he had groups of junkies following him around waiting for him to fart, so that they could inhale the clouds of coke blowing out of his arse!” However, whilst bisexual shagging machine Mercury’s larynx and nasal passages remained intact, the damage done to his intestinal lining was so severe that, in 1980, his rectum fell out. “It was terrible,” says Jamette. “He lost all control over his bowel movements – he’d frequently let go whilst making love in bed. He even cleared the hot tub once during a party when several huge floaters suddenly surfaced!” Mercury was finally forced to undergo expensive and painful surgery in 1982 in order to rebuild his arsehole.

Jamette first broke into the decadent world of rock groupies in 1973, when she caught the eye of glam rocker Gary Glitter. “I’d heard that he like them young,” says Jamette. “So I hung around the stage door at one his concerts dressed in school uniform, even though I was twenty-two at the time.” Her subterfuge proved successful, and Jamette soon found herself in Glitter’s inner sanctum. “He liked to dress up as a headmaster, mortar board and all, and punish the girls when they were ‘naughty’,” she told us. “The punishments ranged from him putting you across his knee for a bare-arsed spanking to full scale canings, which left you unable to sit down for a week!” Glitter, who was later jailed for possessing child pornography, had a huge collection of canes and paddles for use in his bizarre sex games. “I was finally dismissed from his entourage when I laughed at him when his wig fell off whilst he was giving me a particularly vigourous spanking,” says Jamette, who quickly fell in with the Rolling Stones. “Their manager was looking for some girls to have various items of food shoved up their jacksies – Mick was going through a phase when he’d only eat stuff if it was being held between a woman’s buttocks at the time – and I was game. Next thing I knew, Mick Jagger was nibbling on a corn cob that I was clenching between my cheeks! He liked the look of my arse with melted butter dripped all over it, and I became an official groupie to the Stones!” Jamette enthuses.

In 1977 Jamette found herself with notorious heavy rockers Led Zeppelin, after the Rolling Stones swapped her and two other groupies for three cases of bourbon and a drag queen. “I was pretty anxious about being with them, as Zeppelin had quite a reputation for being into S&M in a big way,” she confides. “My worst fears were realised when, whilst on tour in Hawaii, I found myself strung up in a hotel bathroom and beaten black and blue with a large sea bass – all four band members took in turn to thrash me with the disgusting slimy thing!” Indeed, it turned out that as well as being S&M enthusiasts, Led Zeppelin were also devoted fish fetishists. “One morning their manager walked in on John Paul Jones, only to find him in bed with a marlin. Another time, Jimmy Page trained an octopus to wank them and all four members of Queen off simultaneously as a party trick,” Jamette reveals.

Not surprisingly, she parted company with Led Zeppelin after only three months. In the period which followed, Jamette was involved with a string of well-known pop and rock stars, including David Bowie, Isaac Hayes and John Denver, for a series of brief, but bizarre, liaisons. “They were crazy days,” she says. “Bowie was heavily into role-playing and dressing up – when I met him he could only get it up when he was strapped naked to a cross and wearing a crown of thorns. Isaac Hayes was really cute, he covered his cock in honey and told me he wanted to ‘make sweet love’ to me. John Denver was a revelation, in private he was like some kind of degenerate hillbilly – his hotel room was full of livestock and he wanted to watch while I made out with a pig!” Jamette retired from the groupie business in 1983, and currently works on the checkout at Safeway in Canning Town. “Its not so glamourous, but the hours are regular,” she says. “But I do sometimes miss the old days – being shagged, humiliated, beaten and generally abused by an overpaid drunken egomaniac who couldn’t get it up any other way, was the next best thing to being famous for us ordinary people.”