After the success of such compilation films as That’s Entertainment and That’s Dancing it was perhaps inevitable that something similar would be produced for more specialist markets. Porn specialists Mapatasi were happy to oblige with this collection of classic celluloid spanking moments. Helmed by veteran porno producer Rod Walloper, the film draws heavily upon Mapatasi’s own Hockey Girls series of films, especially Hockey Girls in Detention and Hockey Girls’ Prefects, both of which included extensive spanking and chastisement sequences. The climactic scene from the latter in which the fourth form girls get their revenge on the head prefect (played by Jenny Spadger) by bending her over the vaulting horse and thrashing her pert backside with gym shoes, swimming flippers, hockey sticks and every other imaginable sporting implement, is particularly memorable. The use to which young Felicity Womby puts the snorkel is especially imaginative. The compilation also features favourite sequences from just about every spanking short you ever saw at Soho’s much lamented “Spank-O-Rama” cinema, including Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire, Punishment PT and Lisa Must Be Caned. The relatively low production values of such pieces emphasises just how much the genre has improved in recent years.

However, That’s Spanking does not confine itself to mining popular genre movies for their corporal punishment highlights, it also includes infamous spanking sequences from mainstream movies. Amongst these is the scene from Polanski’s Cul de Sac where Lionel Stander (Max in Hart to Hart) thrashes the lovely Francoise Dorleac and John Wayne (no stranger to a good hiding himself according to new documentary Mondo Homo) caning Kim Darby in True Grit. In order to satisfy all tastes the scene of Charles Bronson spanking the Mexican boy in The Magnificent Seven is shown as well. Also included is a highly homoerotic scene cut from the final print of Rocky III in which, ostensibly to teach him the value of humility, Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed puts Stallone across his knee and gives him six of the best.