With top Hollywood producer and alleged sex offender Harvey Weinstein having announced that he is seeking treatment for the ‘sex addiction’ which has supposedly driven him to harass numerous women, the media’s attention has turned to the practitioners and clinics who claim to be able to cure such afflictions. “The key to treating sex addiction is aversion,” Dr Arsene Gallop, one of the UK’s top sex addiction therapists who is about to set up a new clinic in Los Angeles, recently told the Hollywood Free Advertiser. “It is a case of altering the association from pleasure to pain with regard to the addict’s aberrant behaviour. Effectively mounting a sex offensive against sex offending. In its crudest form this might involve wiring their genitals up with electrodes, then showing them pictures of, for instance, naked female breasts. If their reaction is to lunge for them, for example, an electric shock would be administered. This treatment would be repeated until either the behaviour was modified or their scrotum was scorched away. Either outcome would be considered a success.” Gallop, however, assured the newspaper that the therapies employed by his clinics were far more advanced. “Nobody has used the electroshock treatment since the days of Michael Douglas,” he said. “Nowadays we focus on therapies which allow the patient to work through their aberrant behaviours via the use of role play to recreate the sort of scenarios where they have previously offended.”

According to Gallop, this treatment would involve a patient attempting to sexually molest a highly trained female therapist, who would respond by forcibly repulsing such advances. “In this way the concept of female empowerment would be reinforced in the offender’s mind,” he explains. “Typically, the pleasure experienced by the offender derives from the fact that they have the power to force their victim to acquiesce to their sexual depravities. By creating a situation where the woman refuses to be victimised, the pleasurable aspect of their abuse can be averted and frustrated.  They can be rendered as powerless as they make their victims” In extreme cases, the therapist might try to turn the tables completely, overpowering the patient, putting them across their knee and administering a good hard spanking. This type of therapy wasn’t without its perils, with several female therapists suffering sexual assauIts despite their best efforts. “It is true that we had problems with their trade union, which claimed that the number of breast gropings and slapped arses suffered by its members constituted an unacceptable level of workplace risk,” concedes Gallop. “So we had to explore alternative methodologies – for a while we tried having men in drag do the therapy. This actually had an added advantage, as in some cases, the shock of finding that they were assaulting a man provided additional therapy for some patients. WE also tried having the female therapists wear prosthetic rubber breasts and buttocks – the main areas targeted by the typical sex offender – but they just weren’t realistic enough to satisfy the average pervert.

Technology was to revolutionise the therapies offered by Gallop’s clinics. “The development of the so-called sex bot, highly realistic and fully functional female shaped robots, has allowed us to offer far more effective therapies in which no real women run the risk of being harmed,” says Gallop. “Our robotic therapists – controlled remotely by actual female therapists – now interact with the patients. Using these sex bots, we can vary the level of response to the offending behaviour as appropriate.” Asked how he might treat the beleaguered Weinstein with these types of therapy, Gallop suggested that he might start with a ‘breast aversion’ therapy. “As I understand it from the press coverage, Mr Weinstein seems to have something of a fixation on the breasts of young women, allegedly abusing his power to get them to expose their breasts in order that he can grope them,” the therapist muses. “Consequently, we would create a scenario at the clinic – a replica of a hotel room, for instance, where he would encounter one of our sex bots, perhaps modelled to look like a particular actress he is obsessed with.” How such a therapy session played out would be dependent upon Weinstein’s reaction to the presence of the robot therapist. “If he were to emerge from the shower and drop his towel, exposing his genitalia to her, for example, she might react by slapping his face,” Gallop says. “If, to give another example, were to expose and grope her breasts, he might find himself receiving an electric shock through her nipples, or perhaps a release of tear gas.”

The therapist explains that his clinics’ sex bots are equipped with a wide array of response mechanisms. “Some have tasers in their breasts, with the nipples shooting out and shocking the most extreme attacks from patients, while others have buttocks which can literally absorb the hand of an abuser when they slap them,” he says. “Others have buttocks which are rock hard, so that the abuser would risk breaking their hand by trying to slap them.” Gallop boasts that even the likes of President Trump would have difficulty molesting one of his sex bots. “If he tried any of that ‘grab them by the pussy’ nonsense, he’d find his hand and arm sucked up into the bot,” he chortles. “He wouldn’t be released until he’d given a sincere apology for his disrespectful treatment of women!” Indeed, the robots can apparently protect themselves from even the most serious of sexual assaults. “Any attempt at penetrative sex, front or back, is literally repulsed,” Gallop says. “Any potential rapist would risk breaking their penis trying to get in there!”

Reaction to Gallop’s interview has been resoundingly negative, with doubts being cast over his claims to have successfully treated the likes of Russell Brand, Bill Clinton and Charlie Sheen. Fellow professionals have also questioned the the whole basis of his therapies, let alone their effectiveness. “It beggars belief that anyone would try to treat sex offenders by actually allowing them, encouraging the in fact, to attack women, whether they are real women or robots, under supposedly controlled conditions,” declares Professor John Stirrup of the West London Centre for Sexual Deviance Studies. “By frustrating their attempts at assaults in this way, there is a very real danger that their hatred of women will bre increased and their subsequent attacks will become even more violent!” Stirrup also believes that the whole basis of Gallop’s therapy regime is flawed for another reason. “It is predicated upon the idea that these men offend as a result of so called ‘sex addiction’ when, in reality, there is no such thing. It is just an excuse used by the privileged and powerful to justify the fact that they are common or garden sex offenders.”